Spring Renovations

As people emerge from their winter hibernation and begin getting their properties ready for the spring/summer season, a lot of times the damages to the home are more extensive then they thought or look much worse then they would like. If you or someone you know is unhappy with the way their home looks and would like to do something about it, DBC Company is the company for you! We specialize in remodeling and renovating existing homes and structures as well as designing additions, decks, and other structures that may add appeal to your outside entertainment.  Give DBC Company a call for a fair estimate on work you would like done to your property today and working together we can turn your ideas into realities.


Spring Renovations deck

Renovations and Remodeling Projects for Spring Now that winter is at its end and spring is beginning in earnest, it is the best time to start working on those home improvement projects you’ve been talking about for the past coupe months. Knowing what season-appropriate changes to make to your home is often hard to pinpoint. Following is a list of the top 10 home improvements, repairs, additions, and adjustments to make to your home to get the most out of it, and out of spring!

  1. Inspect and repair roof damage from this year’s record snowfall.
  2. Update and repair windows, especially with Energy Star rated windows and save up to $500 a year in heating and cooling costs.
  3. Inspect and update siding to increase both curb appeal and overall home value.
  4. Building a deck onto a home will not only increase the value of your home but allow you to open up new places to entertain and relax while enjoying the summer sun.
  5. Building an addition is always best in better weather, cutting down on production time and heating/cooling costs.
  6. Spring is perfect for both dry walling and floor sanding projects because both kick up incredible amount of dusts that can be best aired out by opening up the home.
  7. A new paint job is one of the most inexpensive and time-effective ways to give any home a crisper and newer look. Fresh paint, in modern colors, can go a long way towards updating the look and feel of any room.
  8. Laying an asphalt driveway is best done in spring weather since asphalt actually needs the right factors of temperature and moisture to set properly. Better weather leads to a better driveway.
  9. Kitchen renovations can be done at any time of the year, but if you want to spruce things up for spring you can look into having your cabinets refaced, molding added, and updated flooring to give it a fresh, new feel.
  10. You don’t have to live in Florida to enjoy an enclosed porch addition. Create a three or four season living space with energy efficient windows that make full use of the sun and create a window to the outside world.


Instead of sitting around and watching the grass grow after three long months of winter, spring into action this spring! Plant that garden, paint your door, have that deck built and give us a call on any other projects you may be interested in this spring.


About Us

DBC Company is a full serice licensed builder and manufactured housing contractor specializing in insurance repairs, disaster recovery, and renovation/remodel. Our professional staff has 30 years experience in fire, wind, water and mold damage. DBC is licensed and insured, serving Southeast Michigan with a central office in Macomb County. We pledge a total commitment to quality assurance and integrity in building. From insurance carriers, agents and adjusters, to business and homeowners alike, our commitment is to instill confidence in the value of our services and the experience of our professional staff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“One Day for Everyday”

Over this beautiful weekend, DBC Company participated in a seminar hosted by the MS Society of Michigan called “One Day for Everyday”. At this seminar people suffering from disabilities could come in and see the different avenues of aid available to help them through their every day lives. DBC manned a booth to educate people on the improvements we can make for them on their home to greatly improve their standards of living. Through presentation and brochures, we reached 100s of people suffering from some form of disability or another. In this fashion, we hope to reach out to those in need so they know updating their homes for their lifestyle isn’t as big of an obstacle as it so desperately seems. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~