Handicap Accessible Bathrooms Handicap accessible bathroom with roll-in shower

Barrier Free Plus, Inc. installs roll-in showers that are ADA compliant and perfect for seniors or those who need a barrier-free handicap shower. As the population grows older, roll-in showers provide easier ways for those aging-in-place to keep their freedom while keeping up their hygiene. Our accessible shower designs allow for an easy transition in and out of the shower for everyone. At the same time, our roll-in shower units are safe and comfortable.

For anyone with mobility issues, such as the elderly or physically challenged, roll-in showers are the best choice for shower redesigns. We offer a wide variety of fiberglass and acrylic roll-in showers, as well as offering completely tiled wet-rooms and decorative showers. No matter whether you wish to simple use a foldable shower seat, or enter and use your shower in your wheelchair, we have the solution for you.

Getting in and out of the shower can be a challenge for anyone, especially those with physically handicaps or issues. Our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists can help you design showers without any steps, allowing your bathroom floor tiles to flow continuously into your shower for easy-in and easy-out. We are a senior-friendly bathroom remodeler in Macomb County, Michigan.

ADA Barrier Free Roll-In Showers

Our roll-in showers are specially designed to meet ADA specifications, allowing individuals with limited mobility the freedom to easily and conveniently shower. Let our designers help you decide whether one-piece shower stalls, multi-piece shower kits, or full tile showers are the best fir for you. While designing your roll-in shower, we can include aspects such as folding shower seats, fixed shower seats, grab bars, curtain rods, and more.

Most bathrooms in existing homes or new-construction homes are not properly designed for wheelchairs or people with limited accessibility. Do not worry, our aging-in-place experts are fully able to convert your existing shower or tub into a roll-in shower. If you or your loved one needs a roll-in shower, or you are the caregiver of a handicapped individual, we have a solution for you.

What is an accessible, barrier free shower?

So, what defines an accessible roll-in shower? What is barrier free? In short, accessible roll-in showers have a barrier free entrance, or super-low threshold so that anyone in a wheelchair or with limited mobility can safely enter and exit with stepping up and over anything. Some of these ADA-compliant roll-in showers utilize foldable shower seats, while most utilize your own wheelchair. If you or loved one doesn’t need a wheelchair, barrier free showers allow you to step directly into the shower without stepping over any sort of trip-hazard. Because of there not being a trip-hazard, barrier free showers are also referred to as curbless showers. ADA handicap accessible showers also include grab bars and may include height-adjustable shower heads.

Why use an ADA Roll-In Shower?

  • Help reduce bathroom falls
  • Maximize independence
  • Barrier-free entry and exit for safety
  • Low thresholds allow a wheelchair to roll over threshold
  • Trip-hazards removed
  • Slip-resistant tile and materials
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Easy-to-access shower controls for individuals or their caregivers
  • Allows caregivers to easily assist in showering
  • Usable by others who are not disabled
  • Part of a universal design
  • Large size for wheelchairs to fit
  • Grab bars, folding seats, and other accessories
  • And more, let us show you!

Roll-in Showers

Our roll-in and walk-in showers are designed for people with limited mobility that prefer a safe and easy shower rather than a tub. Walk-in showers are doorless showers that have no to low thresholds for easy and safe entry and exit. Without a curb, threshold or step, users with limited mobility can safely enter, navigate and use the shower stall. Barrier free shower systems can be installed in virtually any bathroom and are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes. A variety of tile and vinyl options will update any décor. Most will fit into the same space as a normal traditional bathtub and shower combination. With zero-entry showers, there are no curbs to impede entry or exit by having a shower floor that is even with the bathroom floor allowing easy transition into the shower area.