Residential Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Service

The experts at Barrier Free Plus, Inc design and install residential wheelchair ramps in Macomb County, Michigan. Please call (586) 598-2600 for more information.

wheelchair ramps in macomb county

A wheelchair ramp may be the next best thing to sliced bread if you are dependent on a wheelchair. Otherwise, building accessibility goes unnoticed to many. And unnoticed can cost you some important health benefits of getting out.

There may come a time when your normal route of entry into your home becomes unsafe or impossible to navigate. This could be due to weakness on your part or perhaps frost/root heaves in your sidewalk have made it dangerous to navigate and increases a risk of falling. Whatever the reason, basic home safety should be foremost on your mind.

When you can explore your world and safely and effectively managing your wheelchair on a ramp, you truly have remote control… control over your life in a remote area! Now you can get outside and enjoy the benefits of fresh air, sunshine and the great outdoors! source:

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