Handicap Ramp Installation

At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., our clients and jobs come in all sizes. We install handicap wheelchair ramps throughout Southeast Michigan, including Macomb County, Oakland County, and Wayne County. However, we go even further than the tri-county area, even into Ohio and Canada. Whether you need a small threshold ramp or a large, winding access ramp, we have you covered. Barrier Free Plus offers our clients barrier free living with wheelchair ramps in wood, steel, and aluminum.

For our clients, jobs like these dual threshold ramps are priceless in assisting them without taking away from their curb appeal.


The photos below are for another aluminum ramp installed by Tom and his crew. This installation allows a wonderful senior woman to now come home and live with her family. Contact us today to for a FREE consultation & estimate on making your home or parent’s home safe as your loved one ages in place or you care for them.


Another great installation by our crew of a handicap ramp in Southgate, MI. This particular ramp is an aluminum plank ramp and railing system in manufactured by our referral partners at National Ramp. Aluminum ramps hold up to the sun, rain, and snow that Michigan weather throws at them. The aluminum ramps we offer have mesh ramps and landings that allow water and other liquids to pass right through, including snow and rain, preventing puddles from forming on them.


Here’s another example of one of our aluminum wheelchair ramp installations, this time in Roseville, MI.


Yet another example of our crews installing an aluminum ramp for a client with limited mobility, this time in Allen Park, Michigan.