Barrier Free Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

Handicap Accessible Bathrooms Handicap accessible bathroom with roll-in shower

ADA-Compliant Bathrooms

Barrier Free Plus, Inc., is one of Michigan’s leading suppliers of handicap-accessible ADA-compliant bathrooms, modifications, and products. We are dedicated to helping seniors and people of all abilities live independently and improve the safety of their bathrooms with safety additions. The bathroom is a naturally wet area of the home which could lead to accidents and mishaps. Avoid these unwanted circumstances by improving the safety of your home and by making it an accessible environment for the elderly and differently-abled. We install barrier-free accessible bathtubs, shower seats, shower pans, wheelchair showers, shower grab bars, shower accessories, toilet area grab bars, and other helpful bathroom products.

Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

Whether you have an elderly individual in the home or you need residential barrier-free bathroom modifications for physical impairment, we can help. We have been committed to providing you with safe, comfortable, and durable products that make bathing safer for decades. Our quality bathroom products and supplies such as walk-in tubs, shower pans, tub-showers, and other accessories add value to your home. We incorporate accessibility products that are compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). These can also be customized to suit the requirements of businesses, hospitals, universities, and care facilities.

Residential Barrier-Free Bathrooms

At Barrier Free Plus, we specialize in ADA-compliant installations including residential bathroom modifications. We are the leading barrier-free modification company in Macomb County, MI, as well as all communities in Oakland and Wayne County, and beyond. After a traumatic injury, or just simply growing older, your home needs to be a safe sanctuary where you are free to live life to the fullest. We will help ensure that your home is safe and accessible by modifying your bathroom into a fully ADA-compliant space with non-slip surfaces, room for mobility, and more.

We offer a large variety of barrier-free bathroom modifications, including:

  • Grab bars
  • Safety rails
  • Zero entry showers
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Transfer seats and devices
  • ADA-approved accessible toilets

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  • Accessible sinks
  • Single lever faucets
  • Easy-to-use cabinet handles and door pulls
  • Countertops
  • Accessible vanities
  • Bathroom heat lamps

ADA Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., we understand how important it is for handicapped persons to be able to get around and perform everyday functions in a safe and comfortable manner. We specialize in the installation of barrier-free structures as well as devices designed to make your life easier. From ramps, environmental control systems, and automated doors, to cabinets, rails, and bathroom fixtures, we are experienced at providing what it takes to create the quality of life that many take for granted.

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Grab Bars & Grab Bar Installation

Improve the safety of any shower or bathtub, or simply make using the toilet easier, with grab bars. Barrier Free Plus, Inc. offers a full line of heavy-duty grab bars in a variety of colors, finishes, styles and a variety of lengths. We recommend our professional grab bar installation service, using strong and reliable fasteners designed for virtually any material. Grab bars should be anchored into studs, and installed both inside and outside of showers and bathtubs to allow for an easier and more complete transfer of individual.

Bathroom with grab bars installed in Macomb County, MI

Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs offer a safer, more comfortable way to bathe. Help keep yourself or your loved one as independent at home as possible for as long as possible. These tubs are great for both mobility as well as pain management. A walk-in tub has a door that swings either inward or outward to allow the individual to easily walk into the tub and seal off the door.

Walk-in / Roll-in Showers

Our roll-in and walk-in showers are designed for people with limited mobility that prefer a safe and easy shower rather than a tub. Walk-in showers are doorless showers that have no to low thresholds for easy and safe entry and exit. Without a curb, threshold or step, users with limited mobility can safely enter, navigate and use the shower stall. Barrier free shower systems can be installed in virtually any bathroom and are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes. A variety of tile and vinyl options will update any décor. Most will fit into the same space as a normal traditional bathtub and shower combination. With zero-entry showers, there are no curbs to impede entry or exit by having a shower floor that is even with the bathroom floor allowing easy transition into the shower area.

ADA Accessible Sinks

Sometimes just washing your hands can be a challenge if you have mobility issues such as a wheelchair. We install sinks to ADA guidelines allowing for proper height, width, and depth so that there is clear floor space for wheelchair access. We also ensure there are insulated pipes underneath to prevent slipping due to condensation puddles. No matter your decor or style, we have sinks to match while providing freedom to wash your hands, brush your teeth, or just get a drink.

ADA accessible bathroom sink in Shelby Township, MI

Ceiling Lift Chairs and Sling Seats

Ceiling lift chairs or slings can run on fixed-in rails or free standing overhead rail systems allowing patients and individuals to be transferred from room-to-room. These systems also allow for easy and convenient transfer into a bathtub or shower helping make hygiene simpler.

Besides fixed rail systems, we also have portable / mobile lifts as well. These lifts can me moved from room to room using different tracks or systems, offering even more flexibility and accessibility. Ceiling lifts and slings are ideal for home or institutional use as they are comfortable for the patient while also being easy-to-use for the caretaker or individual themselves. The slings come in a variety of fabrics, materials, and sizes designed for your comfort.

overhead ceiling lift Bathroom lift chair from Barrier Free Plus, Inc. in Macomb, MI

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Metro-Detroit Tree Removal

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