Automatic Door Openers

Handicap Accessible Door Openers

Barrier Free Plus, Inc. installs wide doorways with automated units that open a door when activated. These low energy devices can be activated in a variety of ways including handheld, post mounted and wall mounted. They can also be remote controlled, mounted to a wheelchair, setup a wall push pad, or have them operated by an app on a mobile device.  Automated doors provide access to individuals that require the assistance of walkers, crutches and wheelchairs. They are also convenient for people carrying packages or pushing strollers.

An automatic door opener is an electronic and/or pneumatic device that can be installed on the existing doors of a home or office. They are used to automatically operate doors by people with disabilities, the elderly, and more. These systems could be used for swing doors (inswing and outswign) as well sliding doors . These devices also allow for doors to continue to be secured and opened/closed manually as well. 

There are a variety of options when it comes to automatic door openers. We install sensor, touch, remote control, and combination style. Sensor type utilize motion-detecting sensors to open or close doors, and is often the most common type used in commercial settings and us infrared-motion sensors. Touch automatic door openers use a wall-mounted switch or panel to automatically open a door and are often used in public places. Remote control type openers quite obviously use a remote control to open or close doors. Sometimes, combination-type systems are utilized, which combine a variety of the above.