Accessible Thresholds



Barrier Free Plus is committed to providing their customers with an array of options
to meet their accessibility needs. For some people, just one step may as well be
a mountain. This, and other access barriers involving ground level differences
can be eliminated with the use of one or more modifications. As a Certified Builder
and CAPS (Certified Aging-In Place) Specialist, Barrier Free Plus is in a position
to help those in need.

Wheel Chair Accessibility for All

Barrier Free Plus offers a wide variety in the types of ramps that we can provide
for you and your loved ones. We are highly experienced in building custom wooden
ramps that would best suit your home and your daily life. Other forms of ramps
that Barrier Free can provide for you are aluminum, steel, and composite wheel chair
ramps. Whether you need the ramp in addition to previously existing stairs, or you
would like to completely replace a stair system with a ramp, Barrier Free Company
can assist you through planning your home modifications.

Walker Steps
An easy ascent for those on the move

Along with providing ramps for those who need access in wheelchairs, Barrier Free
Plus can also provide stair systems for those who use a walker to help in their
mobility. The main difference from regular steps to walker steps is that walker
steps are stairs that have shorter risers and deeper treads making traversing with
a walker easier. If you or someone you love could benefit from such a modification,
give Barrier Free Plus a call today and we can assist you with an estimate of the
cost of such an arrangement.

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