About Barrier Free Plus

Barrier Free Plus Inc. is a division of DBC Company Inc., a licensed and insured residential and commercial building company. Our energies are focused at providing an immediate response with professional results. We are dedicated to unsurpassed quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.Our experienced & dedicated teams of professionals have been serving our friends in Southeastern Michigan for over 15 years.

We offer a range of solutions to aid in navigating home mobility, such as stair lifts and ramps customized to your home. When your mobility changes and the configuration of your home becomes a challenge, we have the solutions you need.

Our goal is to make your home living more accessible, so that you can live safely, independently and improves your “quality of life” in spite of mobility challenges, which could otherwise hinder your lifestyle. Barrier Free Plus Inc specializes in accessible lifestyle solutions through barrier free design and renovations.

We offer a full range of renovations and modifications. We can renovate bathrooms so that they are completely wheelchair accessible. Renovations can include roll-in showers, grab bars and shower seats, easy-access bath tubs, accessible washbasins, and raised toilets.

To help with navigating difficult stairways and front steps, we offer a range of barrier free solutions, including stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, and wheelchair ramps. Whether it is getting into the house from outside or moving from one floor to another inside the house, we have the expertise to make your home accessible.

Universal Design kitchen renovations are also available. Adjustable cabinets, adjustable shelving, and adjustable counters create a customizable kitchen that is perfect for everyone in the home, no matter what their mobility. Most importantly, we will work with you through the entire process. We will assess, design, supply, and install the right products to make your home safe and accessible.

People often have the false idea that these types of home renovations will look cold and institutional. We pride ourselves not just on functionality but on aesthetics as well.

We operate on the 8 core beliefs of: Compassion, Integrity, Quality, Design, Craftsmanship, Professionalism, Accessibility and Versatility.

What is Barrier Free Accessible?

Barrier Free is designing or constructing structures without steps or narrow pathways which would prove to be a barrier for some individuals. It is also sometimes called “Handicap Accessible” Another term some people use is “Universal Design.” Universal Design is actually a bit more involved than simply removing the steps. This involves designing a structure that anyone would be able to use and includes specifications for door knobs, light switches, plumbing fixtures and many other elements of the home.